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06 May

Book Thirteenth - a labyrinth with a ball

Book Thirteenth - a labyrinth with a ball

20 Mar

Book twelve

Own weather station

02 Jan

Experiments on New Year

What do you refer to your New Year's resolutions ? Or to develop some your knowledge?

20 Dec.


Happy Birthday for Christmas!


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Science Land - educational service for children

Science Land is an innovative educational service for kids to encourage supercharged science education. It encourages young users to explore a very interesting world of Ethera blooming on the planet. The main feature of the portal is an educational game for children whose world is embedded in the Wonderland of Two–phasers. Educational Websites for children usually do not contain adventure games that are very popular among students. In the Science Land you can also find the Virtual Laboratory in which the user can perform experiments selecting the appropriate objects and substances and combining them on the laboratory table. Thanks to interactive education service, portals for children are much more interesting than textbooks. Another part of the site is the Library of Old Electrizard or e-learning. From now on science for kids can be presented in an accessible and understandable way for them makes children learning pleasant, fun and easy.