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Book Thirteenth - a labyrinth with a ball

Creation date: 2016.05.06

Book Thirteenth - a labyrinth with a ball

Book twelve

Creation date: 2016.03.20

Own weather station

Experiments on New Year

Creation date: 2016.01.02

What do you refer to your New Year's resolutions ? Or to develop some your knowledge?


Creation date: 2015.12.20

Happy Birthday for Christmas!

Księga jedenasta

Creation date: 2015.11.15

O tajemnicach drzemiących w nas samych

Meta witches prowl the ether today

Creation date: 2015.10.31

Halloween is also a celebration of Meta witches from the Land of Science !

Good luck in the new school year !

Creation date: 2015.09.01

Time to go to school!


Creation date: 2015.07.20

... The robot running on the line.


Creation date: 2015.06.28

maybe build a robot?

Creation date: 2015.05.05

In library Elektrodzieja joins a new book !

Easter egg

Creation date: 2015.04.02

Easter time inspires us to experiment with eggs .

Nowa księga w Bibliotece Elektrodzieja!

Creation date: 2015.03.03

Kolejna część niezwykłych przygód Elektrodzieja.

Secret potion

Creation date: 2014.12.16

Who knows what it consists of? Where does this mysterious mist come from? Is this another poison of the Metawitch?

Lemon battery

Creation date: 2014.11.28

In the Land of Two – phasers the generator which produces electricity for the entire kingdom stops working.

We are growing from strength to strength!

Creation date: 2014.11.13

In the Science Land, we have more than 700 users! The number is increasing day by day.


Creation date: 2014.10.31

Ah, these mean witches! All days they are speculating how to make the life of Twophasers miserable.

Creation date: 2014.10.15

Educational games for kids

Creation date: 2014.09.19

Educational games for kids are becoming more and more popular.

Strange mixture...

Creation date: 2014.08.25

Our friend from Poland sent us very strange mixture...

Find us on Facebook!

Creation date: 2014.07.22

Your friends from Science Land are on facebook! Do you like it?

Meet Professor Kajtek!

Creation date: 2014.07.01

It's a mad scientist from the Science Land.

Professor Kajtek in Science Land!

Creation date: 2014.06.10

Welcome the great scientist!

SCIENCE LAND COMPETITION for young scientists!

Creation date: 2014.05.15

Draw your dream science lab!

The gates of the Science Land are open!

Creation date: 2014.05.01

Today we are giving in your hands an amazing online game in which you can experience fantastic adventures.

Have You heard about magneticorns?

Creation date: 2014.04.24

From the Magnetopedia, The Great Encyclopedia of The Two-phasers...

The Game's World

Creation date: 2014.03.14

Somewhere in distant galaxy, behind many clouds of cosmic dust, billions of stars and pulsars...

Let Experiment

Creation date: 2014.03.01

Did you know that deep in the basement of the royal palace there is a secret lab?