Become Hero of planet Etera!


The Science Land is an educational service created for children to develop their interest in science. We took care of making such fields of science like chemistry or physics more familiar to children and associate them with sport.

The portal adventure consists of an educational game, a virtual laboratory and e-learning platform.

In the game, a child personates a character of an inhabitant living in the Two – phaser Land located on a strange planet of Ether. His task is to solve a mysterious disappearance of Crystal powering a Monstrous Two-phase Generator, which is a source of power for all the Land. A player comes across a variety of puzzles whose key to solve them is knowledge and science.

Virtual laboratory is a place where your child can independently perform scientific experiments and chemical experiments. We use a lot of dangerous substances, but in a virtual lab everything is safe. The process of experiments is supervised by our scientific and slightly crazy frog .

The Old Library of the Electrorer is a fantastic e -learning for children. Books contain knowledge of chemistry, biology, physics and geography presented in a simple and funny way. Exploring these secret books shall provide children with great fun!