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Terms and Conditions of Service Use


Terms which appear in the Terms and Conditions are:

1.  ADMINISTRATOR - Elizabeth Bednarek, Science Show with the headquarter in Grudzielec 47, 63-410 Ostrow Wielkopolski NIP: 622-262-98-59, Regon: 301978879,

2.  WWW.KRAINANAUKI.PL - an educational portal - information maintained by the Administrator in Polish language stored on domain hereinafter referred to as the Service,

3.  USER - an entity that meets the requirements of the Terms and Registration, as a result of which an account was created, and thus he obtained access to the services provided by the Administrator of the Service under the terms of these Regulations,

4.  ACCOUNT – conducted for the User by the Administrator under a unique name (login), which is a collection of resources where user’s data is collected and information about his/her activities within the Service,

5.  PRIVACY POLICY - an integral part of the Regulations concerning the collection and storage of personal data of the users by the Administrator in accordance with the Act of 29 August 1997 on the Protection of Personal Data (Journal of Laws of 2002 No. 201, item. 926, as amended.)

6.  REGISTRATION - procedure of creating an account for the user,

7.  RULES - this document, hereinafter referred to as the Regulations, prepared based on the Act of 18 July 2002 on electronic services (Journal of Laws of 2002 No. 144, item. 1204, as amended.) setting out rules for the Terms and Conditions of service use.


1.  These rules hereinafter referred to as the Regulations, define the terms and conditions of using the Website at the address

2.  In order to use the Service standard hardware is needed with the installed software that allows Web browsing and downloading and reading pdf files. The Administrator is not responsible for any problems related to using the Service resulting from the lack of installed updates, lack of programs to read the downloaded files, insufficiently high-speed Internet and other problems resulted from the User’s fault.

3.  The content of the Site, the educational and upbringing views are not a collection of official orders and recommendations but only an expression of personal beliefs of the Service editors - and only in such a way should be interpreted.


1.  The purpose of the site is to provide educational materials for children, especially at the age of 7-12 years.

2.  These materials are in the form: audio, video, interactive games, graphics, tests, articles, pdf files, which are available only in online version.

3.  Service is run for children and their parents and particularly their needs are important to the Administrator.


1.  Registration on the site is confirmation of reading and full acceptance to the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy. A person who does not agree to the Terms of the Service and Privacy Policy, shall not make a registration.

2.  Registration on the Website may be made by any person.

3.  While registering you must declare whether the account is for an individual user or a supervisor because individual users and supervisors have different functionalities.

4.  Website Registration is free and allows a user to use the Service to a limited degree.

5.  Registration is made by:

·  Providing username, password, and email address,

·  Date of birth,

·  Confirmation of e-mail address by clicking on the link in the confirmation email.

6.  Users are required to give true data. In case of detection of misrepresentation of personal data, account may be removed. Administrator is not responsible for any problems and damages resulting from the fact of false or fraudulent data, including - invalid email address.

7.  Account name (login) selected by you must not contain words generally considered offensive, or must not be associated with the administration of the Service.

8.  Registering on the site the User:

·  Consents to the processing of personal data in order to register and provide him/her access to the Service.

·  Consents to the personal data processing in accordance with our Privacy Policy Service, and in accordance with the Act of 29 August 1997. Data Protection and the Law of 18 July 2002 on electronic services.

·  Accepts in full and without objections the Terms and Conditions.
- May consent to receive information and advertisements and the occasional wishes sent to a specified e-mail address.

9.  After completing and confirming the veracity of the data in the registration form  a confirmation message will be send  indicating how to confirm the registration. As the registration is confirmed, an agreement between the registered entity and the Administrator is concluded, which deals with the services provided by the Administrator of the Service under the conditions specified in the Regulations.

10.  Administrator is not responsible for the consequences of giving to the third party your password and login of your account.

11.  On one account only one person can be logged in.

12.  If the limit is exceeded due to the amount of concurrent logins, further logging can be blocked. The notice will appear that the limit of logins has been exceeded and you will not be able to log in on the site. You should then verify if the login details are not used by third parties who are not authorized to log in on the site.


1.  Purchasing a subscription provides access to the functionality and material published on the Website, round the clock, from any computer. It is only necessary to log in to your account.

2.  Using a subscriber zone means access to the functionality and materials published on the Website on-line and using them for educational purposes and for personal use.

3.  User can be a parent, a teacher, a lecturer, a therapist, an employee of the after school club or a library, or any other employee of a public or private company related to the education and may use his/her  account to assign pupils to his/her group in order to check their learning progress within the Service.


1.  Every user has the right to purchase one-off for the duration of unlimited access to your account in one of the following ranges:

·  Access only to on-line games.

·  Access only to the part of e-learning.

·  Access only to the virtual lab.

·  Full access to all elements of the Service.

2.  Payments for one of the above accesses can be made on the website using a form of payment.

3.  Payments for subscriptions may be made by bank transfer, online bank transfer or by credit card using the payment form on the site.

4.  Administrator is not responsible for delays in the activation of the account, resulting from disruption of the Internet or the fault of the bank, the sender or the operator of the electronic transactions (payU).

5.  The Administrator reserves the right to change the price of the subscription. These changes will not include subscriptions already purchased and those whose purchase process has already begun.


1.  Copyright of the materials published on the Site belongs to the Administrator of the service and individual authors of these materials.

2.  It is forbidden to publish and disseminate materials on other websites without the consent of the Administrator. The ban also applies to websites of schools, kindergartens and other institutions.

3.  It is forbidden to make publicly available materials on the sites created for storage, sharing and exchanging files.

4.  It is forbidden to resell the materials to third parties or use them for other commercial purposes.

5.  Modifying the contents of the downloaded material (including copies, deleting the selected graphics or text, or combine them with other elements graphics or text) is allowed only in case of prior written consent of the Administrator.

6.  In case of approval of the Administrator to distribute material in electronic form or any other, the content must be left unchanged. In particular, it is forbidden to remove the information about the source of origin.

7.  These conditions refer to all users of the Service, and do not have a time limit.


1.  Administration Service makes every effort to make the service run smoothly without errors or interruptions.

2.  Logging in on to the website and using the Site by the user is done at his/her own risk.

3.  The administration is in any way does not interfere the relations between Users.

4.  All complaints and objections to the work of the Service should be reported using the form on the contact tab. The administrator is obliged to reply within 48 hours of receiving the inquiry.


1.  Service pays particular attention to the protection of your privacy.

2.  The basis of the personal data processing is the consent of the Users, as well as statutory authorization to process the data necessary to implement and settle the accounts of the services provided by the Administrator.

3.  Providing any personal data is voluntary.

4.  Contact details are also used to send advertising materials provided the User consents to it. The user may at any time refuse to receive such information.

5.  User data can be made ​​available to those entitled to receive it under applicable law, including the relevant judicial authorities.

6.  The administrator allows the users to view and modify personal data, and provide users the opportunity to remove personal data from the database at any time.

7.  The administrator uses the IP addresses collected during internet connections for technical purposes related to server administration. In addition, the IP addresses are used to collect general statistical and demographic information (eg. the region where the connection takes place).


1.  The Administrator reserves the right to change the Terms and Conditions.

2.  Service users will be informed about important changes to the Regulations by mail or by placing a notice referring to Regulation changes on the homepage of the Service in a visible place for at least 14 consecutive calendar days.

3.  Users are required to be familiar with the changes introduced in the Regulations.

4.  In case of not accepting the amendments to the Regulations, you should delete your account from the Service.