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About virtual laboratory

Virtual chemistry laboratory presents online experiments for kids in chemistry and physics. In the application, the Great Book of Experiments can be found, containing experiments for kids that can be performed by oneself and in a safe way. The book includes descriptions of fun experiments and their explanation. Selecting suitable substances and mixing them together on a laboratory table, one can get a surprising effect. Much depends on the amount of the added ingredients. Online experiments for kids are supervised by a bit crazy frog. Many users say that listening to a frog’s advice is sometimes fatal. Fortunately, online experiments are completely safe and destroyed or blackened virtual laboratory can be fixed by clicking one button. Here you can safely carry out explosive experiments, mix together the most dangerous chemicals and use the strangest scientific equipment. Experimentation involves the acquisition of knowledge. Experiments for children in the laboratory online are a great way of spending free time. Remember, do not do this at home! We are not responsible for the effects caused by induced arousal of childlike curiosity.